untitledWhen you book a hotel room, how do you know if you are getting the best rate?  Most people don’t.  They go to one or two sites and book the better value.  Many people are fooled by the commercials that claim they have the best prices.  Don’t fall into this trap.  “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, prepare to die.” – Klingon Proverb, Star Trek. 

As surprising as this may sound, most people seem to be willing to spend up to hundreds of dollars more on a hotel vacation, rather than spending a little time to find out if they are getting the best price.  What most people on a travel budget don’t seem to realize is that the move you overpay for a vacation, the less you will have for future vacations.   In this economy can you afford to spend this kind of money if you do not need to?

So how did I find the site with the best prices, I did the research.  I checked out every travel site I could find and compared prices.  After months of investigation, I have finally found the best website to get the consistently lowest hotel prices.  I have compared them to Orbitz,, Trivago, Kayak and many others.   The lowest price for local, cross country and foreign hotels was at (every time).  I am always looking for the best deals for my readers, so if anyone can find consistently lower prices anywhere else, I will award them a certificate for 7 nights’ accommodations on Maui.  Just send me the link with your contact information.

If you have an experience on finding a lower hotel price or a better hotel, I would love to hear about it and will reward you with 2 night’s hotel accommodations in Las Vegas.


These are not Time Share promotions.  When hotels are not fully sold, they would rather give away the room knowing you will probably spend money while at the hotel.

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