thThere was a time when cruises were geared more for the more mature vacationer with jokes about shuffle board and such.  While you may be able to find a game of shuffle board on a cruise, there are now endlessly better ways to entertain yourself.  If you never considered a cruise as “My thing”, I can think of at least 10 reasons why you may wish to reconsider this notion.

  1. See the World at Unbelievable Prices

I consider it a great advantage to have so many places you can travel to where your hotel comes with you.  You can visit many locations and not have to worry about multiple airfares, room reservations or transporting your luggage from place to place.  Don’t forget, in most cases most of your meals are included in the price.

  1. There’s Something for Everyone

Whether it’s a solo getaway, a couple’s romantic retreat or a family trip, Cruise ships have it all.  For singles it’s a great place to either meet people (I have found people are more friendly and willing to meet others on a cruise).  Or if you prefer, have some quality alone time.  For the adults and young adults there is more mature entertainment like stage shows, concerts and lectures.   There are also places to relax and have a drink.  Some even have places for adults only.  For the younger set, trust me on this, you children will probably never be bored.  Most cruise ships have places designed specifically for the younger cruisers, with many activities included. This is especially true of longer voyages.  My grandson has commented that “Getting there is the best part”.

  1. Planning is so Easy (or not)

Have you ever scheduled a trip with joy in your heart until you realized just how much planning you needed to do?  Not so much with cruises.  If you’re the kind of person as I am, you can spend endless hours planning various aspects of the cruise.   I do that because that’s one of my favorite parts of the cruise.  I love to spend my waiting months going over every detail making this trip as perfect as I can.

Of course no trip will every really be perfect, but I take pride that I was able to make it as wonderful as I could.  One time I had my family over for dinner and hooked the computer to the TV so we could go over the port excursions to decide what everyone wanted to do.  That was great fun.  Of course if it’s your goal just to get away and avoid the hassles of planning, then it’s as simple as making your reservation.   Pretty much everything else can be planned over time with as little or as much effort as you wish to put in.

  1. Eat Like Royalty

If you like to eat, then this is the vacation for you. On most cruises you will find some of the best dishes from all over the world and on most cruises it’s included in the cost. The desert dishes are beyond exceptional.  My wife really became fond of the crème brulee and ate it almost every night.  See my post on “Things the cruise lines won’t tell you for tips on making your dining experiences even better.

  1. Make Friends from All Over the World

As I previously stated, most people on cruises are very interested in meeting others.  Striking up a conversation is as easy as……..Striking up a conversation.  Not just your fellow travelers, but you will often find the staff is international and love to talk about where they come from.  You could just spend your time being alone (nothing wrong with that) but with this unbelievable opportunity, would you really want to?

  1. Travel to Unexpected Places

There is nothing like going to a place you never thought you would be able to go.  My favorite cruise was the Alaskan 7 night cruise.  We saw some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable.  Some of our party went zip lining through the Alaskan rainforest.  We saw whales and some amazing animal wildlife.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Unplug

I have spent most of my career driving a desk with my fellow cube people.  Sometimes I did not even have a cube.  My life was spent making sure this letter got FAXED, this email got sent or this call got responded to.  When I’m on vacation, I leave unneeded devices at home.  I believe that people would much rather hear what I did after I came back.  Do they really need to know what you had for breakfast today?  This is my time and I put away all the entrapment’s of modern society.

Bring a cell phone if you need, but leave the rest at home.  Especially on a family trip, spend time with your family for there may come the day when these trips are no longer possible.  Show your family that you would rather spend this time with them than the friends you left behind.  Trust me; I know what I’m doing.

  1. Activities Galore!

Well I thought I had seen it all until I saw a glass blowing exhibition on ship.  My stepdaughter loved it and went back every chance she could.   I’ve been to art auctions, stage plays, lectures and a special anniversary James Bond Trivia contest (which I won).  There are swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s, games, contests aplenty, the night life always has something going on including gambling (on most ships).  I have never been bored on a cruise.

  1. Ocean Views – All Day, Every Day

Nuff said on that, except, get a balcony stateroom if you can.  It’s well worth the extra expense.

  1. Great Value

My boss told me when I planned my first cruise, “You will be hooked”.  To be able to go to all these amazing location at these prices is all the enticement I’ll ever need.  See great places, eat like royalty, and recharge your batteries.

These are my 10 best reasons to take a cruise.  Still think you can’t afford it, follow this blog to get some of the most unbelievable cruise deals you will find.  I recently found a 7 night Caribbean cruise for $250.  I’ll do the work, you enjoy the trip.

What are your favorite parts of cruising? Let us know in the comments below.

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