As I continually search for travel discounts, I am always discovering additional ways you can save on that vacation.  Here are more of those ideas.


Most people already know that the dates you book your flight and the days you travel on can greatly impact the price.  Compare the prices for red eye flights as well as flights on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday as these will tend to be less expensive.

The best days to purchase your tickets are also Tuesday and Wednesday.  I have also been told that 3:00 p.m. EDT is a better time.

It may also be beneficial to book directly with the airline.  You will be able to get the “Out the Door” price with al fees included.  You may also find deals only offered by the airline.

Usually travel discounts tend to be presented at the beginning of the week while increases appear at the end of the week.  The rule here is to keep checking.  You can also sign up with sites such as Trip Adviser who will notify you of price drops for the trip you are thinking of.

If you get a great deal from Priceline, make sure you contact the airline directly to reserve your seats.  I did not do this once and we wound up all over the plane.

Travel Credit Card

Travel credit cards can be another resource to earn free airfare and hotel on future trips.  Just remember that you should not charge more than you can easily pay off quickly.  Otherwise, you may defeat the purpose.


Becoming a loyal member of a hotel chain will get you lots of benefits, such as discounted prices, better service, and the ability to collect reward points toward a free hotel stay. And if you play your “I’m a loyal member” card and negotiate, then you can even get a full refund on your money when you cancel your stay.

Before you actually book your hotel reservation, make sure you have done your research as far as comparing to other hotels (you may find a great price at another hotel).  Also check the reviews of the hotel you are considering.

Review your previous vacations on sites like Trip Adviser.  They will send you vacation discounts for your information.

Trip Insurance

Some things to consider before you pay an extra 4% to 8% for trip insurance.  Do you have a history of having to cancel things due to illness?  Do you have work emergencies at work that may require you to alter your plans?  If the answer to these is yes, it could be worth it to pay for the insurance.  While I have never had to use it, there are a number of circumstances that could come up were I would need it.

If you have other money saving ideas, please comment below.

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