Stay Connected VS Disconnecting

While some people like to stay connected while on a vacation, others more prefer to disconnect.  There is no right or wrong here just personal preference.  If you’re the type that likes to disconnect and leave the regular world behind, no problem there.  However, is you have the desire to stay connected, no problem there either.

Disconnecting is easy off course.  Just leave that stuff behind.  I do this but still bring a cell phone for emergencies.  Other than emergencies, there really is not one communication that absolutely cannot wait until I get back.

I understand, however, that my needs and the needs of others may be quite different.   For those who, for whatever reason, need to stay connected, you can do that too.  Most ships offer Wi-Fi to cruisers, however, not all ships offer the same services.  There are variations of band width quality and cost.  Check these out prior to your trip to make sure your needs are covered.

Roughing it in Style.

If you are the rugged outdoors type (I’m more of a tender foot), you will have many options on your cruise.  Depending on where you are going, you will find an assortment of adventures.

If hiking is your thing, there a usually an assortment of these options, including hiking into a rain forest for a zip lining experience.  There are other hiking experiences you can make use of.  You can take a guided hike or a self-guided walk (but only if you are well experienced).   Check these out while planning your cruise to see what options are available.

I’ve got the Music in Me.

I’m one of those people who love every genre of music from classic rock to classical music and everything in between (OK rap maybe not so much).  If you love music as I do you can find an assortment of “Music on the High Seas” cruises.

With themes such as metal, classic, country, the 80’s, Rock the Boat. You can even find celebrity artists cruises, usually for an additional fee.  Carnival seems to specialize in these but they can also be found on other lines as well.

The Shape of Things to Come

Personally, I like to stay in shape (Hey, round is a shape).  For those of you who pride yourself in regular workouts, a cruise will not cramp your style.  You can take advantage of the gym, morning stretch programs, fitness boot camps and even Zumba (on some lines).  Some of it is free but some come with charges to check out the availabilities on your ship.

Take a Break from the Same Place, Same Thing.

While going to the beach, shopping dining, clubbing or all great things, imagine being able to do all of that in the same place.  As a bonus, or hotel room also comes with you.  I can’t recall many things as beautiful as the scenery you may see on a cruise.  The world is truly your oyster on the sea with great things to do no matter what your interest.

If you are in your 20’s or 30’s and have yet to take a cruise, do yourself a big favor and have the experience.  You can even find shorter 3 and for day cruises just to try it out.  Be warned, however, you may get hooked.\

Post a comment if you have any other suggestions for this age range.
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