thXVVK8SG1Now that we have discussed the best ways to save on a cruise how do you create a wonderful experience?  Once you have decided where you want to go and when the real fun begins.

The first priority is what cruise line, ship and stateroom you choose.  Finding the best cruise line can take some time and research.  The best site I have found for this is “Cruise Critic”.  You can find the various ship ratings, ship size and features as well as cost differences. While some say “A cruise ship is a cruise ship.” There may be variations that might make a difference to you.  Many ships cater to specific groups such as kids, adults, singles and so on.  There are also ships that cater to all these.  It pays to find out which cruise line or ship suits your needs and desires.

Most staterooms are rather small as compared to a hotel room.  Do not fret; you probably won’t be spending nearly as much time in your room as you think.  If you want more room, and have the means, most cruise ships have many larger “suite” staterooms.  These are usually located in prime ship locations.

Where you are going plays a big part in your room selection.  If you are going on a cruise where the destination is the key, an inside stateroom may be a way to save money.  There are also window staterooms if you must have a view.  My choice, however, is the veranda, or balcony, stateroom.  If you are going to someplace like Alaska, it is a must.  On this cruise it’s not so much the ports you are going to but the journey.  You will see some of the most remarkable scenery will ever see.  To not be able to step out on the balcony and see it would be a crime.

Now if your budget only allows for inside staterooms, there is still hope.  Royal Caribbean now had inside room with a high tech virtual balcony.  See the article on inside staterooms.

As I stated in the last article, I like to book my cruise early.  One of the reasons I do this is all that extra excitement and anticipation at no extras charge.  There is so much planning to be done before you set sail it may feel like you are actually planning a wedding.  This can be a great deal of fun and is one of my favorite parts.  Planning you port excursions can be a whole lot of fun.  There are so many options, and it’s a great way to get everyone involved.  We connected are computer to our TV and made an evening of it (great fun!).

Things best decided before hand are drink plans (it could save you a lot).  Cruise ships usually have a variety of drink plans from alcohol to soft drinks and even bottled water.  While it is very cost effective to eat in the main dining room as they are usually part of the cruise;  Most ships have specialty restaurants with food from all over the world.  They are extra but you may wish to try at least one during your cruise.


If you have any ideas on cruise planning, I would love to hear about it and will send you 2 nights accommodation in Las Vegas.

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