Cruise ship at the docks letting people off.
Cruise ship at the docks letting people off.


Almost everyone loves a cruise, but who can afford it these days.  Due to the every shrinking middle class economy makes it tougher and tougher each year just to make ends meet.  What if I told you that you and your family could be on a cruise next summer without putting any crimps in your current standard of living?  In facts the tips that follow could help you increase you lifestyle permanently.   Don’t believe me, read on and I will show you just how to do it.

STEP 1.  Read my post “I CAN’T SAVE ENOUGH FOR THAT DREAM TRIP”.  This will give you a lot of the basics on saving for that trip without hurting your lifestyle.  Learn how to save big on food, entertainment and even your cable bill.  Just follow these tips and be amazed on how quickly the savings will add up.  Using these ideas, I was able to put an extra $500 in the bank almost every month.  How much can you save?

STEP 2. I have a number of articles on this blog that will show you how to get the lowest prices on a cruise.  I am currently seeing 7 night Mexican Riviera cruises for four for as low as $382 per person for an inside stateroom on Carnival.  This is an advantage as Carnival inside staterooms are, on average, 40 square feet larger than on many other lines.   You can step up to a balcony stateroom for only about $50 more per person (my recommendation).  Just do a little research and be surprised at what you find.  If you send me an email, of what you are looking to do, I will even try to help you the best deal.

STEP 3. Of course there are additional expenses you will incur on the cruise.  There also many ways to reduce or get around these addition expenses.  See my articles on “cruise credit” and “What the cruise lines won’t tell you” for more information on those.

STEP 4.  Coupon your way to your next cruise.  Before you stop reading, I urge you to read on.  Most people use grocery coupons as follows: If they happen to see a coupon for something they need, they may clip it use it accordingly.  The problem is how often does that happen?  How many times do your search the coupons and find almost nothing you can use.  It sometimes seems like a futile effort.

I have found a better way.  What if I told you that you could get $1000 worth of the coupons you want for the groceries you want delivered to your home when you want them?  I could not believe it either until I tried it.  Using this program, I was able to cut my grocery bills by 40% to 50%.  Think about your monthly grocery bill and imaging what your savings could be.  What about annually?

Send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

7312 Paso Robles Ave.

Lake Balboa, CA 91406

I will send the program to you, at no charge, and you can decide for yourself.  Please believe me that this is not a scam.  The program only charges a one-time $10 postage fee (which will pay for itself many times over with your first order of coupons).  I have used these programs to great benefit and am using it now.  My only desire is to help you take your family on a trip you will never forget.  I’ll even help you find the best possible cruise deal.  I urge to order now and not let the dream slip away.

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