While on your trip, your cruise cabin (stateroom) is your private sanctuary.  The place you can go to that allows you to get away from it all.  But the things you must keep in mind are: They are not quite as private as you may think.  What you do could affect others.  As you will be on board, don’t burn any bridges, if you can avoid it.  Do not do this in your cruise cabin.

Things That Ignite for 100 Points

If you are a smoker, make sure you review the guidelines regarding this.  All ships prohibit smoking in your cabin and some do not even allow it on your balcony.  Review the guidelines regarding locations for smoking. Be courteous to other passengers.

Other ignitable objects such as incense, hot plates and irons are also frowned upon.  You can review the full list of these items at the lines website.

Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are permitted in ships, and often provided in your room.  However, do not plug them into your bathroom socket.  It has long remained a mystery why cruise ships bathroom outlets are usually not rated with the proper voltage for hair dryers.  They are only for shavers.  Of course you can try this on your one but will probably blow a fuse for your efforts.

Streaking in Your Cabin.

There are no specific rules about removing your cloths in your cabin.  However, remember that you are not alone on the ship.  It is not uncommon for a passenger to step out of the shower, and into the cabin, with nothing on to find a crewmember cleaning their windows or cleaning their room.  Possible a ship docked next to them.

Keep Your Balcony Door Open at Your Own Risk.

You might want to prop open that balcony door as you sail, but cruise lines don’t think highly of the idea. For starters, the warm air coming in will cause your cabin’s air-conditioning to work harder (unless you turn it down), wasting energy on the ship. Plus, leaving the door open can have some unwanted side effects.  Cruise lines have also reported that leaving the balcony door that open has been known to set off the fire alarm.  Even though there is no fire.

Plus, open your cabin door at the same time, and you create a wind tunnel in the cabin, which will send all your dining reservation notices, cruise ship dailies and art auction advertisements flying everywhere.

Drying Cloths on the Balcony

Besides being unsightly, there are very good reasons not to do this.  First off, if you forget to take them off before you sail, or if a strong wind hits suddenly, you can kiss your cloths goodbye (an environmental faux pas).  If a sudden shower turns up, your cloths could wind up in a puddle on the floor.

Keep it Clean.

Always try to keep your room as clean as possible.  I know you are on vacation, but if your room is cluttered, it may feel more like you are at home than on a cruise.  People may also see into your room when you open and close the door.  Do you really want your neighbors to see that mess?

These are just some things to consider to make your cruise experience more enjoyable.  If you have any additional ideas, please comment below.  Now go and enjoy that cruise.

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