If you are in your 20’s or 30’s and have never been on a cruise, I suggest you look again. It’s nothing like you think. The days of elderly people playing shuffle board and bingo are long gone (although that is still possible). If you have previously been on a cruise, chances are it was a family cruise. Those are far distance than cruises as an adult. Here are some things you may want to consider.
More Places
Land vacation can be costly and do not usually get you to multiple locations. A cruise can take to many places, and remember, your hotel comes with you. You can also eliminate the extra costs of food. Of course getting there is half the fun.
It’s Inclusive and Exclusive at the Same Time
You heard that correctly. Cruises are inclusive as, while drinks, shore excursions and massages will cost you extra. There are many things that won’t. Meals are free unless you choose otherwise. There’s lots of free entertainment including Broadway type shows, live music, multiple pools and hot tubs and multicourse meals.
On the exclusive side you can get a quiet table at one of the bistros, private spa treatment, you can rent a private cabana. There are additionally private pools and sundecks (usually reserved for suite cabins).
No Chance of Getting Pulled Over for Drinking and Driving
Either while watching the game, partying with friend or just having a glass of wine with dinner; you never have to worry about driving home. It’s just upstairs to your left. Cruises offer a wide variety of exotic variety drinks you may not find back home.
Don’t Leave Home Without it, But Just in Case.
All ships have at least a few shops where you can pick usually pick up that one this you forgot. You may also find watches, jewelry and such. On Celebrity I found a number of great shops with sales throughout the cruise. I was able to pick up some pretty neat souvenirs at great prices. And, of course, “designer” and “duty” free live in harmony on your cruise.
What a Rush!
For the thrill seekers, there is plenty for you too. From rock climbing, surfing, bumper cars to sky diving. Today’s modern cruise ship are more like floating amusement parks for those interested.
There are also shore excursions for the active. Zip lining, scuba diving, swimming with the dolphins are just a few.
For the more subdued there is also karaoke and trivia contests of all kinds.

Post a comment if you have any other suggestions for this age range.
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