My previous article on ways to have a terrible cruise probably left the truly “glass half full” out there a bit unfulfilled.  So here are a few more ideas you can use to totally ruin that next cruise.  Who knows, if it’s your first cruise, maybe it will be your last.

So Why am I Here?  I’m Way to Cool for This.

You see them on every cruise.  People who sit around looking board, with that; I’m too cool for this look on their face.  You kind of feel sorry for them.  Do they truly not know how to have fun?

News Alert: This is not a board room, this is a vacation.  I’ve been on enough cruises to know, it take serious effort not to have fun.  There is every type of activity so that there is always something for everyone.   If you are into working out, you’re covered.  Do you like to eat?  Boy are you covered. Dancing, soaking up the sun, adventures, entertainment and even drinking.  Not having fun is a challenge I would not recommend.

Don’t Worry, the Staff Members Are Psychic.

In spite of many theories to the contrary, cruise staff cannot read minds.  Believe it or not, if you do not want your bed turned down at night, they will do it anyway unless you tell them otherwise.  If you want an extra olive in your drink, they will not do it, unless you ask.

There is an easy fix for this.  Just tell them what you need.  Cruise staff make it their business to satisfy your every need.  They cannot do this, however, if they do not know what your needs are.  Now they may not read you a bedtime story, but you will live.

There are always things that come up on a cruise.  Either your room at attendant or the front desk can handle just about anything.  I have never come up with a situation that could not be resolved by just asking.

There is One Thing I Absolutely Must Do on this Cruise.

My family and I were on an Alaskan cruise.  I wanted to surprise everybody with a Victorian tour on a hippo bus that drives on the land and in the water.  Well it rained that day and the bus could not go on the water.  While that did bum me out a little, we had so much to do there we still had a great time.

Imaging if our sole purpose of the cruise was to take that ride?  What a waste.  I recommend planning a number of activities you can excited about on many different part of the cruise.  That way if something does not go as planned, you still have all; that other great stuff to look forward to.

Always Sanitizing Your Hands is a Waste of Time.

It is true that cruises are one of the best ways to travel and have a wonderful time.  Just remember that giant cruise ship carry thousands of passengers.  They are what some people comically refer to as “The largest Petri dishes on Earth”.

Although neither anyone in my family has gotten sick on a cruise, we make use of the free sanitary wipes or lotions as often as we can.  The last thing you want is to spend a good part of your cruise with your head in the toilet.
If you have any suggestions on avoiding a terrible cruise, please comment below.

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