Am I stuck with whatever price is listed in the brochure?  Not even close!   There are several ways to get the best deals on cruises.  One of the first things I do is check the newspaper ads for specials.  Sometimes you can find deals that aren’t advertised in other sources.   They will also give you some ideas on places to cruise.

There are many websites that offer cruise deals.  Just about all cruise lines have their own site with their own cruise deals to choose from.  My favorite site, however, is “Vacations to Go”.  They service just about all cruise lines and cruise destinations.  They also have a top notch staff.  That will assist you in selecting your cruise destination and will help you with booking as well.  I have not yet found a site that offers better prices and service.  If you are on a budget, as many of us these days, this can make your cruise dollars go a lot farther.

If you are looking for serious savings, and have some flexibility, Vacations to Go also has something called a “90 day ticker”. They offer very steep discounts on last minute cruises up to 80% and more.  It’s pretty clear that cruise lines make a great deal of their money on what people spend while on the cruise.  If they have too many empty staterooms, it becomes difficult to break even or make a profit.  They would much rather have the rooms filled, even at a big discount, so they will make money of your expenditures while on the cruise.  That is why “90 day ticker” offers discounts.  You may not have as big a selection of staterooms but at these kinds of discounts, it may make the difference on whether you can afford the cruise or not.

I have found some amazing deals such as an Alaskan 7 night cruise from Seattle for as low as $550 (brochure price $2,300), a 7 night Caribbean as low as $200 for a balcony stateroom.  I have found 7 nights in the Mexican Riviera for $450.

Another way to save money is booking your cruise early.  Most cruise lines will give discounts for booking early.  I generally like to book early for 3 reasons.

  1. The discounts
  2. Best room selection
  3. All that excitement and anticipation at no extra charge

If you have any tips on planning a cruise,  I would love to hear about it and will send you 2 nights accommodation in Las Vegas.

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