Eating is one of the great joys of taking a cruise.  There are so many options on both dining and snacking.  Here are some ideas that will increase your level of enjoyment and possibly save you some money

Door Buster Specialty Dining

Many people choose to enjoy dining at a specialty restaurant on the closing night of a cruise.  The problem is that closing night may be crowded making it hard to get a reservation.  What about going on the first night of your cruise to kick things off in style?

Since most people do not do this, many cruise lines offer discounts and perks opening night.  Ask your travel agent or the cruise line what these are and enjoy.

What You Want When You Want it.

Most people don’t know that cruise ship plan their weekly menu in advance.  If you ask the front desk, you can see the menus for each night.  This way you can choose what night to select the main dining room, or just hit the buffet.  Maybe even use a specific night for a specialty dining or room service.  This will give you more dining options.

When dining in the main dining room, you are not limited to one appetizer, entree or dessert.  You can have two or three if you like.  You can even order appetizer portions of entrees.  What a great ways to experiment with new foods you are not sure if you will like.

Your Way to Self-Room Service.

While room service can be a great to enjoy good food without leaving your room, your choices may be limited.  There is another way.  I like to go to the buffet, fill up my plate and bring it back to my room to eat on the balcony (reason # 387 why you want a balcony if possible).  Just don’t block the hallway with too many dishes.

You can also ask you main dining room waiter to package up you leftovers for an in your room snack or future meal.  Sometimes they will even have your leftovers delivered to your room for you.

The “I’m Not Ready for the World Yet” Breakfast

This one takes a tiny bit of advanced thought and planning, but for those who need a little extra time in the next morning, it’s worth it.  The night before, grab a few pastry items from the buffet and bring them back to your room.  Also, at dinner, order an extra dessert suitable for breakfast.  There you have it, an instant first meal of the day.

Do it Yourself Specialty Ice Cream

While any cruise lines offer ice cream from name brand shops, they will charge you dearly for it.  Try this out for size.  Get some sugary cereals or cookies from the buffet and crumble them on to the self-serve ice cream that many ships offer for free.  Again, get creative and could wind up with something even Ben and Jerry’s might envy.

Here are some dining hacks for you to try on your next cruise.  Let me know what you think.

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