You and arrived at your vacation destination.  What now?  How are you going to get from place to place?  I bet many of you think this out well before your trip, but you would be surprised at how many people do not.  Whether or not you have though this out before your trip, here are some tips that will help you out.


There are, of course advantages and disadvantages of renting a car on vacation.  On one hand you have the freedom to come and go as you like.  Renting is certainly more private than public transportation and will most likely get you to your destination quicker.

On the other hand, renting can certainly be costly.  You will also have to deal with possible parking costs as well as finding parking in the first place.  Make sure your hotel has free parking if possible.

Remember that you could be in an unfamiliar place and knowing where you are going could be a factor.  If you are renting a car I would recommend mapping this out in advance as best as you can.

Things to consider:

How big of a car do I need?  Obviously the smaller car is almost always the least expensive.

How much rental coverage do I need?  Check with your own person insurance as well as your credit card company.  Chances are that you may already have the coverage you need.

What are my location needs?  If you are going to more than one city, check the cost of spilling your rental.  You may find that renting separately at each location may be cheaper than staring at one location and leaving the car off at another.  You will have to drop off ad pick up a new car each time but this could save you big.


As mentions in a previous article, if you are not renting a car, check the cost of local public transportation and taxi services.  Your hotel may even offer free transportation to and from the airport.  This is also true for cruises.  If you are flying to a location to take a cruise, the airports will very often have free, or low cost, transportation to and from your ship.


My wife and I like to walk if we are close enough to our location.  You will have a great experience getting close to the locals.  You may also find out about some previously unknown places to visit or dine.

Remember you can even select a combination of renting and not renting to suite your needs and budget.  As always, be creative.  Either way, plan to get around based on the needs of the location you are going to, as well as your budget and person preferences.

If you have other transportation ideas, leave us a comment below.

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