man-woman-deck-cruise-ship-17515014WAYS TO SCORE ON BOARD CRUISE CREDIT (OBC)

Free Money!  While I never really understood the exact meaning of that expression, I certainly love the intention.  Would you like a free massage on your next cruise?  How about free booze or dinner at a specialty restaurant or even a free shore excursion.  All this can add up to major savings on your cruise or just really neat free perks.  If you are on a budget, as many of us are, this could make a big difference in your pocket book.  But how do you get it and what types of services can you use it for?

Ways to get Cruise Credit

One of the easiest ways to get cruise credit or on board credit (OBC) is just by booking your cruise with an agent.  Many cruise sites will give you that information straight out, but others you may need to ask to find out.  On one cruise we received $500 in cruise credit and did not even know it.  Just for booking with Vacation to Go.  Many sites will try to entice by listing it up front.  Some will even offer packages like free drinks, free gratuities, shore excursions and so on.  Checking for these can be a real money saver.

You can also earn credit in a number of other ways.  Booking a future cruise while on board can get you cruise credit.  Loyalty programs are also a big way to get credit.  Most cruise lines believe that loyalty is king.  They will reward you as much as $1,000 per room for frequent cruisers.   You could also get cruise credit for referrals, although this is generally about $25 per referral. You could wind up with cruise credit if you have already paid for the cruise and the price drops.

 What Can You Use Cruise Credit For?

As previously stated, you can use OBC for spa treatments, drink packages, specialty restaurants and shore excursions.  You can also use it for casino play, souvenirs, photo packages (trust me you want one of these), internet packages and gratuities.  You may even be able to use OBC while them while in port.  Just because you’re on land, doesn’t mean your OBT is null and void. If you’re making a port call to your cruise line’s private island, for example, then your on board account applies to any purchases made there. This includes the reservation of a private cabana.

Some people tend to not think about OBT very much.  Others use it to their full advantage.  Whether you use it to discount your expenses or to get some perks you otherwise could not afford.  It’s there for the taking, so why not make the most out of it.   What is that one thing you would love to do on your next cruise but could not afford?

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