Here are some more tips to increase your dining pleasure on your next cruise.  Try them out and tell me what you think.

Creative Cookie Concoctions

The buffet is almost always teaming with various assortments of cookies, and they are free.  Here is a chance to get really creative and fix some real treats.  Of course there is the classic cookies and milk.

You can crumble some cookies into a bowl of soft serve ice cream, you can also add some milk and mix it up.  There you have an Instant milk shake.  Also try placing some ice cream in between two cookies for an ice cream sandwich.

Brown Bag it on Your Shore Excursion

If you want to save a little money on your shore excursion, try preparing yourself a sack lunch.  One benefit is you can never be too sure what options will be offered on shore.

Go to your buffet, before you leave, and fix yourself a lunch.  You can make a simple sandwich, or maybe a bagel and cream cheese.  Some lines will even prepare a sandwich for you.

Some shore excursions will offer lunch as part of the day.  Even so, your tummy may thank you for that extra bite if you get hungry along the way.

Dine and Dash Options

One of my favorite parts of a family cruise is dining with the family.  Of course there are times when you need to shake things up a bit.  I know my grandchildren quickly wanted to get back to their friends after diner.  On those occasions, try these hacks so you can still eat together but be on your way quickly.

We have often made use of the early dinner buffet when there are evening events we do not want to miss.  Grabbing a quick slice of pizza at the ships pizza shop is another good one.  Of course you can arrange for room service to arrive at a specific time.  If you have leftovers from last night, this is a good time to make use of them.

Some ships will offer to even pick your kids up at the main dining room and escort them to the kids club while you finish off your dinner with a little more romance.

Scope Out the Secret Alternate Breakfast Options

Some new cruisers do not know that there are alternatives to the breakfast buffet of the main dining room.  Check with your daily guide or with your steward for those other breakfast options.

When my family cruised to Alaska, we were going through the inside passage one morning.  The previous night we order room service for breakfast and watched the amazing views as we casually consumed our morning meal.

So these are a few more ways to increase you dining experiences on that cruise.  If you have other ideas, please comment below.

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