You are finally taking that long awaited trip and the excitement is overwhelming.  Many people just pack their bags and go.  A word of caution, There are a number of things you can do in advance that will increase your enjoyment and remove some of the obstacle that could come up on your trip.  Try some of these.

Try rolling your cloths instead of folding them.  Studies have shown that this could give you much more packing space.

Wrap your shoes in a shower cap to prevent your soles from touching your clean cloths.

Store your bobby pins in a Tic Tac container to keep them from getting lost.

Bring a change of clothes and underwear in your carry on in case of getting temporarily separated from your luggage.  See my post, “TRAPPED IN VERMONT” and you will understand what I mean.

Use travel size toiletries when possible as it saves a lot of space.  You’ll thank me later.

Pack all of your loose cables together and either place them in an old eye glass case or rubber band them together and stick them in an old toilet paper tube.

Pack everything but your morning toiletry needs by the night before.  That way you can get ready, throw them in your bag and go.

Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep your cloths smelling fresh.

We generally do no bring much jewelry on your trips.  If you do, try placing them in a multi-day pill container found at most drug stores.

Unpack immediately when you get home.  Of course you will be exhausted but you will thank me later.

Wear something with deep pockets on the plane.  That way you can keep such items like tickets, boarding pass and such where you can easily get to them.

Bring wash and wear cloths as much as possible.  This can cut down on the amount of cloths you need to bring.

Call your credit/debit card company to let them know where you might be spinning money during your trip.  This will prevent emergency holds to prevent you from further using them.

Bring a plastic cereal container in your car, for road trips, to use as a handy trash container.

If there are 2 of you traveling on a plane with 3 seats, try to book the isle and window.  Chances are, if the flight is not full the middle seat will remain empty.  If someone does come, you can offer to change seats and offer them the isle.

Arrive at the airport plenty early to allow you time to deal with any issues that may come up.

If you are going to an amusement park, put your cell phone in a plastic bag to avoid it getting wet.

Use a binder clip to protect raisers when traveling.

Scan your passport, ID and itinerary and e-mail yourself a copy.

Place a copy of your emergency contact info in each suitcase.

Mark your baggage as fragile.  This will help poor handling by baggage handlers.  This will also get your luggage place on top of the stack.

Bring on empty water battle in your carry on.  You can fill it as needed after you pass security.

Use the restroom about 20 minutes before you land.  This will prevent the problem of crowded bathrooms after you land.

Use ATMs to get local currency. Using money converters in the airport usually come with their own fees and the exchange rates are a rip-off. ATMs always dispense local currency, of course, so use your debit or credit card and get your money there.

Go to the local grocery store when you arrive at your location.  You won’t need much, however, water and a few snacks can go a long to increasing your comfort.

If you forgot your phone charger, ask at the hotel as they may have one you can borrow.

Try to arrive early at your hotel and ask for a free upgrade.  It doesn’t hurt to ask and you may be surprised.

These are just some of the great travel hacks I have come across over the years.  Please list any hacks in the comments section below.

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