cruise-ship-night-23806179Do you care if your getting the best price on your cruise?  If you do you had better read on.  So how can you tell if I’m getting the best cruise deal?  That’s not an easy question to answer but it is possible.  First of all it depends on where you are going and the frequency of those cruises.  For example, there are significant amounts of cruises going to the Caribbean; therefore, they will need to lower the cruise prices to get the maximum occupancy per sailing.

My followers will know that I have found Caribbean cruises as low as $249 for a 7 night cruise in a balcony stateroom (the lowest price I have ever found).  The brochure price for that cruise is over $4,700 so yes; you are getting a very good deal.  At this price the question really is, “So why am I not going”?  Cruises to Alaska are more of a specialty cruise and do not sail as frequently.  Therefore, their prices tend to be somewhat higher.

In general you can get cruises for 50% off a good percentage of the time.  That is really not hard to do.   The bigger savings come from the last minute reservations.  Check the 90 day ticker on Vacations to Go.  Here you can find cruises at 60%, to up to 90% off and occasionally even higher.  The reason these last minute deals can be so inexpensive is that the cruise company knows that they will make no money from an empty room.  They would rather give away the room at a much reduced rate as they know you will spend money during the cruise.  They benefit from such things as drink packages, shore excursions, specialty dining and a host of other things.

This brings me to a crucial side point.  Make sure you set a strict budget for yourself.  It is very easy to lose control of the money you are spending when all you have to do is swipe your room key.  My grandson once spent about $100 on video games, in one day, and even he could not believe it.  It was an understandable misstate that I was glad we caught early.  You can get a list of your daily expensed provided by the cruise ship and I highly suggest you review it frequently.

Be as flexible as you can with your scheduling.  You will find that cruise prices can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars for essentially the same cruise on days very close to the days you are planning your trip.  Also prices can vary based on the cruise line or even the ship.  The more flexibility you have, the better price you are likely to get.

In summary, as I always say, “Do your research”.  Just because you find a deal that looks good, don’t stop there.  It is very possible you could find a better deal if you look a little further.  It happens to me all the time.

Post your ideas on getting the best deals.  I’ll reward you with a 2 night hotel accommodation in Las Vegas.

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