thUsing the information in this blog, you have booked a great cruise at a great price.  But is it the best price?  It is a wonderful feeling knowing you got the best deal possible.  There are a number of things you can do to make that deal better either before you book or after you book.  Here are a few ideas that could save you big.

Book Your Next Cruise While on Your Current Cruise.

Cruise lines offer significant rewards for customer loyalty.  Devoted cruisers can get special perks such as cabin upgrades and shipboard credit.  First time cruisers can get perks if you book your next cruise during your current cruise.  For example, a cruise line could offer you $500 shipboard credit while you would get only $200 if you book later.  As credit can be used for just about anything, that is an additional $300 off your bottom line.

Keep Researching the Deals.

So you have booked a great deal well in advance (as I often do).  If you want a chance to make it an even better deal, your work is not yet done.  Use you built in flexibility to search for additional discounts on your cruise.  Many cruise lines are so interested in maintaining your loyalty; they will let you combine your on board booking with another deal.  This could get you additional credit, drink packages or even free gratuities.  Also keep an eye out for flash sales that could score you additional cruise add-ons.

Use a Travel Agent to Get an Even Better Deal

If you have booked a cruise with the perks you like, you could increase the deal by transferring your booking to a travel agent. In addition to keeping the deal you already have, you could be eligible for additional perks like additional cruise credit.  That’s right, you can double dip.  Agents can also work with you to discover future price drops and cabin upgrades.

Check Your Cruise Price Regularly

Yes, cruise prices tend to change.  What I did not originally know is that, Cruise lines could give you the lower rate up to the date of your final payment (and sometimes longer).  If you find a lower rate for your cruise, contact your travel agent or the cruise line to ask for the lower rate.  You can also use Cruise to help monitor prices.

Use these ideas both before and after you book to make that great deal even greater.  You can also get better deals or perks by booking with a group or referring another customer.

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