Have you ever noticed that some people can go to places like Disneyland or Hawaii and have a horrible time?  It never ceases to amaze me.  I call it Whiners disease.  If your one of those people who likes to have a really bad time on vacation, I have some sure fire tips that guarantee you the worst cruise you have ever had.

Don’t Worry About Departure Times, They Will Wait for You

If you want to do something truly entertaining on your next cruise, try this.  Sit on your balcony, around departure times, and watch the people who either lost track of time or think, “They won’t leave without me”.  Watch them as they desperately run to catch the ship that they now realize is about to leave without them.  I do it on occasion and it is sad but, at the same time, really fun.

It’s like those people who will walk into a Star Wars movie, opening weekend, 3 minutes before it starts and is are surprised that there are no good seats.  Always remember and never forget, THEY WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU.

Don’t Worry about Checking Your On Board Account, How Bad Could it be?

We all know what sticker shock is.  Well imagine sticker shock on steroids.  That what could happen if you do not remain aware of what you are spending on board.  You can review your account daily and it only takes a few minutes.  Trust me it is worth it.

On a cruise we took, a few years ago, my younger grandson (11 at the time) was having a blast playing the video games in the kid’s center.  What we fortunately discovered the second day was that he was being charged for each play.

He was not aware of this and it certainly was not his fault.  However, we were able to control this by giving him a budget.  Imagine what the damage could have been if we had never checked.  Also read my article about the hidden costs of cruising.

Just Get the Cheapest Cabin, They Are All Alike.

Some people do like to snap up the least expensive cabin they can find.  Those people have thought in advance they, they know what they are getting themselves into and are OK with it.  The worst think you can do is to not give due consideration on the specifics of the cabin you are reserving.  Imagine four of you in a 110 square foot cabin.

Taking the extra time to select the cabin that is right for you can go a long way to your cruise enjoyment.  Read the following articles on selecting the right cabin for you. , , and .

If you have any suggestions on avoiding a terrible cruise, please comment below.

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