Remember that old saying, “location, location, location”?  That is especially true when selecting a cruise stateroom.  Things you must consider are size, view (if it’s important to you), noise level and privacy.  Selecting the right cabin can be fraught with peril.   These are some of the things you will want to consider.

Size Matters

Cruise staterooms tend to be significantly smaller that most hotel rooms. The average master bedroom in America runs about 200 square feet.  Inside staterooms tend to be somewhat smaller at as small as 115 square feet.   Staterooms on Carnival have some of the larger inside staterooms at 185 feet.  Balcony staterooms tend to be somewhat larger and suites even larger still.

I took my family on a Disney cruise and we were able to get the Walt Disney suite.  This stateroom was almost as big as a small house and provided plenty of room for 7 people.  Of course is not cheap.

Norwegian has a 3 bedroom Garden Villa that is 4,891 square feet with and indoor Garden and indoor hot tub.  Of course most of us would need to pick 6 very lucky lottery numbers to afford this one.

You can determine that actual size of the staterooms you are considering.  More often than not, they will also give you picture.  Beware; however, image may seem larger.

A Perfect View of Nothing

If you are looking at balcony or larger staterooms, check about your view.  Staterooms with obstructed or partially obstructed views, while cheaper, may interfere with the lovely view you paid to see.  When selecting your stateroom, always get the specifics on obstructions.  You may also want to check out the reviews of these staterooms to see what others have to say.

“What is That Noise”.

If you would like your stateroom to be a place you can get a little peace and quiet, you should check where on the ship you room is located.  New cruisers sometimes forget this detail (rookie mistake).  Here is a list of things to look for and areas to avoid.

Stay away from rooms near nightclubs, sports venues and lido deck.  Also avoid all-night eateries, especially right above or below.  A good rule is to select a passenger deck that is sandwiched in between 2 other passenger decks.

Also try to avoid being close to a family stateroom as they may house crying and screaming children.

Rough Waters Ahead

One thing that can instantly put a stop to your good time is motion sickness.  If you know or are not sure if you get motion sickness, err on the side of caution.  You will find more stable rooms near the interior of the ship in the lower decks.  Rooms with a visual view of the horizon tend to aide with motion sickness as well.

Also the ocean you are on will make a difference.  The Atlantic Ocean tends to be rougher that the Pacific.  Also winter months on the Atlantic may increase the motion.  Some aides that may help are motion sickness OTC, or prescribed, medications.  They also make a wrist band this helps as well.  My grandchildren swear by this.

One minor detail to also remember:  STAY CLEAR OF THE ENGINE ROOM.

Most cruise websites will give you specific deck plans to show you exactly were your room is so you can clearly see what it is near.  As stated earlier, they will also provide you with pictures.  Always remember, “Choose wisely”.

If you have any other tips on choosing the right stateroom, please leave a comment.

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