For Christmas one year, I received the collector’s addition “The Sound of Music” Blue-ray addition.  This set had everything you would ever want to know about this film.  While watching the special features, I found that the lodge the Trapp Family actually lived in while in Vermont, was now a vacation loge open to the public.  After a very brief discussion with my wife, we decided to just do it.  So we began to plan our trip.  We wanted to go in the winter for the snow and planned accordingly.

I researched quite a few sources to find the best deal.  While Expedia is not often the best deals, they were for this trip.  So we booked our trip.  I have found that often flights are cheaper if they are not direct.  We were scheduled to go from L.A. to Las Vegas, and then to Philadelphia were we would catch a flight to Burlington Vermont.  This was red eye all the way to get to Vermont by morning.  The day of the trip we left early to get to the airport and security in plenty of time.

We got there and checked in very early.  As it turned out, however, our flight to Las Vegas was being delayed 2 hours.  Not a problem, we would just have to wait a little longer.  Shortly after I had a horrible thought.  If our flight to Las Vegas was delayed 2 hours, we would miss our connection from Las Vegas to Philadelphia which departed only one hour after our arrival in Las Vegas.  We would miss that flight and the connecting flight to Vermont. 🙁

Having spoken to a ticket agent, he agreed that we do have a problem.  he was able to arrange a flight on another airline across the airport.  That was leaving in 1 hour. We would have to hurry.

I should inform you that my wife, Michelle, is disabled with an illness that prevents her from walking long distances or at any great speed.  So we hopped on a tram and made our way across the airport in plenty of time.  But of course when we got to our stop, the security line was wrapped around the building.  This was going to be close.  We finally made it through with only minutes to spare.  I could see though that the walk to our plane was going to be a long one.  As we were walking as fast as we could, I saw worker with a wheelchair just behind us.  I explained out situation and she said she would be glad to help.

So there we were, the three of us running to our gate(with my wife in a wheelchair) as fast as we could.  At one point my wife lifted her feet and yelled “Weeeeeeeeeeeee!  We got to the gate, and after giving our helper a very grateful tip, we boarded the plan.  Having been the last ones on and the door closed immediately behind us.  “Holy close shave Batman” We were on our way.

We made all of our connecting flights and made to Vermont by morning as planned.  Michelle and I exited the plane and went to collect our luggage.   We waited at the carousel we they said our luggage.  But after everyone left, luggage had not turned up.  You may have already guessed, if the plane we were originally supposed to be on was to miss our connecting flight, then so would our luggage.  We found ourselves over 2,500 miles from home with only the cloths on our backs.  Our luggage was safely stored thousands of miles away.   This is why travel experts will tell you to always bring a carry on with a change of close.

As you read a travel article and they tell you that the real adventure is getting there, this is what they mean.

Then we proceeded to drive towards Trapp Lodge.  We arrive in about 45 minutes just as the snow began to snow.  And I don’t mean a light snow.  These were snowflakes as big a large white grapes.  We went to check in and explained that we had almost nothing but what we were wearing, they graciously provided us with a hospitality kit with some very useful essentials to help us out until our luggage eventually arrived which it did at 5:00 in the morning.

So after a lovely continental breakfast and a ride through the snow in a horse driven sleigh, Michelle wanted to walk to the Trapp Deli just down the road.  So we did that and have a great lunch.  On the way back Michelle’s leg became very weak.  Not knowing what to I asked what we should do.  “You can’t just sit down in the snow”.  Which she did our course.  But that wasn’t all she did.  She stood up and stuck her thumb out and managed to hail down a passing driver who graciously drove us back to the lodge.

The rest of our visit was, to say the least, amazing.  Amazing Austrian style food, including schnitzel with ice cream while the my at the piano took our music request.  We got to meet one of the Trapp descendants who told us stories of real live versus the movie.  We even became good friends with our chamber maid who also had many fascinating stories about the lodge.

Did I say it was amazing?  Well it was amazing.  If you ever get the chance, it is a trip you will not soon, if ever, forget. J J J JIMG_5778

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